Expert Witness

Since 1971, Garrett Forensics has been providing expert testimony to strengthen your legal arguments.

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Expert Insurance Claim Investigations

Expert investigation into insurance claims to mitigate fraud.

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Auto Accident Injury
Analysis & Assessment

Uncovering the Truth with Precision and Expertise.

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Garrett's experts thoroughly examine photos, police and fire reports, repair invoices, and other documents to deliver a comprehensive report.

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Expert Witnesses

Finding the right expert can be crucial to your case. Contact our expert witnesses today.

Expert Investigations

We specialize in expert insurance investigations. Our experts have experience across a wide range of claim areas.

Accident Desktop Review

When there’s a MINOR accident, but they’re claiming MAJOR injuries, and the math just doesn’t add up; Send us the case, we’ll take it from there.

Document Review

Vehicles, property, and machines get repaired, but you may still need answers. We review photos, police & fire reports, repair invoices, and many other documents to give you answers in a detailed report.

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Forensic Investigations & Expert Witness Services in California

Since 1971, Garrett Forensics’ team of experts have successfully provided, and continue to provide, superior forensic investigations, analysis and reporting for our clients. Our pool of experts are qualified in a variety of different scientific disciplines and pride ourselves on offering independent, objective and competent analysis and reporting. The fact is that our clients may always rely on Garrett’s team of experts to provide them with the right insights and appropriate reporting needed to help settle claims, disputes, and/or prevail in litigated matters requiring expert witness testimony


Expert Witnesses

Engaging a Garrett Forensics expert is a strategic choice that can profoundly impact your ability to navigate complex scientific and technical matters with confidence and precision.

Expert Investigations

Our clients often turn to us in critical moments, seeking the insights and reporting necessary to resolve claims, disputes, and complex litigated matters.

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Our Expert Witness & Investigation Services

Whether your problem is simple, complex or somewhere in between, our experts can help. We offer free consultations to discuss your matter and are ready to provide you with the support that you need to analyze the issues unique to your matter.

Accident Reconstruction

Accident reconstruction is a systematic and scientific approach aimed at unraveling the mysteries surrounding the occurrence of accidents.

Auto Accident Reconstruction

Contact one of our dedicated reconstructionists.

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Arson & Fire Investigations

Garrett's Fire & Arson experts conduct scientifically rigorous investigations into fire and explosion incidents across California.

Arson & Fire Investigations

Let our investigation help you manage arson and fire claims in California. Talk to an expert today.

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Biomechanical Experts

Our expert investigators analyze insurance claims to determine the probability of injury.

Biomechanical Investigations

Utilize our biomechanical experts to investigate causation of injury related to insurance claims.

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Civil & Structural Engineering

Our team of Civil/Structural Engineers stand ready to tackle investigations involving intricate structural failures.

Civil & Structural Engineers

Utilize our Civil and Structural Engineers for your inquiry and analysis.

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Engineering Professionals

At Garrett we have a pool of highly qualified engineering professionals who can investigate your claims.

Engineering Expert Investigations

Take advantage of our engineering expertise across multiple disciplines. Contact us today.

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Electrical Investigations

Our electrical engineers navigate the entire forensic investigation process, starting from the initial site inspection to delivering expert courtroom presentations on both subrogation and liability matters.

Electrical Investigations

Contact our electrical engineers and experts today to launch an investigation.

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EDR Analysis

Our team is certified to download and analyze event data stored in a vehicle's Event Data Recorder.

Event Data Recorder Analysis

Our Certified EDR Analysts reconstruct accidents with this information to determine what really happened in relation to your case or claims. Contact us today.

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Mechanical Engineering

Our Mechanical Engineers possess the expertise required to conduct a comprehensive analysis into machinery defects and failures.

Mechanical Engineering

Our experts provide invaluable insights into the root causes of failure.

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Toxicology Investigations

Garrett’s seasoned experts offer comprehensive and impartial case and claim evaluations encompassing the effects of drugs and toxins on human performance.

Toxicology Investigations

Contact one of our dedicated forensic toxicology expert investigators today.

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Personal Injury

A personal injury investigator plays a crucial role in gathering information and evidence related to personal injury cases and claims.

Personal Injury Investigations

Contact us today if you are in need of a thorough personal injury investigation.

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Premise Liability Investigations

When an incident arises which raise potential premises liability issues, our Clients call upon Garrett’s Premises Liability Experts to conduct in-depth investigations to help settle their case or claim.

Premise Liability Investigations

Launch a Premise Liability Investigation. Contact us today.

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Product Liability

Product liability investigations can be as broad and diverse as the products themselves, ranging from small hair dryers to heavy machinery.

Product Liability Investigations

Our experts investigate, test, and consult about such matters as the products themselves. Contact us today.

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Property Loss

Our highly skilled experts specialize in conducting exhaustive research and on-site investigations to assess the extent of damage or destruction to properties.

Property Loss Investigations

Garrett Forensics serves as a trusted partner in navigating the complex terrain of property loss assessments and resolution. Contact us today.

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Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death Investigations include an accident investigation and reconstruction.

Wrongful Death Investigation

Wrongful death information derived from our investigations is critical to your case or claim. Contact us today.

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