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Electrical Expert Witnesses in California

At Garrett Forensics our electrical expert witnesses offer unparalleled expertise in a wide array of cases involving electrical issues. With a deep understanding of the complexities of electrical systems, our team of engineers is adept at conducting thorough forensic investigations from the initial site inspection to expert courtroom presentations.

At Garrett Forensics, we pride ourselves on our ability to utilize multiple disciplines, including fire science, metallurgy, engineering, and chemistry, to identify the root causes of incidents. Our commitment to clear and concise articulation ensures that our findings are easily comprehensible to adjusters, attorneys, jurors, and judges alike. Whether it’s providing expert testimony for subrogation or liability matters, our experts are dedicated to guiding clients through the entire process with professionalism and precision.


Benefits of Hiring an Electrician as an Expert Witness

Expertise in Various Electric Issues: Our electricians can handle a wide range of electrical issues and problems.

Comprehensive Forensic Investigations: Our engineers and electrical experts conduct thorough investigations across multiple disciplines.

Clear & Concise Articulation: Our Electrical Expert Witnesses are able to present findings in a way that is easily understood by attorneys, insurers, judges, and jurors.

Expert Assistance in Subrogation and Liability Cases: Our experts can provide testimony in both subrogation and liability cases.


What Case Types Can an Electrical Expert Assist With?


Garrett Forensics’ Electrical Experts can provide insightful information and expert testimony for cases in the following areas:

– Electrical Contracting

– Safety

– Electrical Construction

– Safety Engineering

– Machine Construction and Maintenance

– Occupational Safety and Health Cases (OSHA)

– Electric Utility Systems



Expert Witness Services for Electrical Fires

Like any other fire, an electrical fire can lead to explosions, causing even more catastrophic losses, including injury and death.


Looking back at the wiring requirements for homes or businesses two decades ago, there’s a notable difference with today’s standards. This contrast emphasizes the importance of electrical fire investigators possessing extensive knowledge of codes, equipment, and materials. Furthermore, modern businesses face the constant demand for expansive data centers, servers, computers, and other technology, presenting distinct challenges and specific restoration requirements.


Common electrical fire causes include:

– Failures within electrical distribution, lighting, and equipment.

– Faulty, outdated or misused electrical appliances, wiring and components.

– Improper grounding.

– Electrical components/appliances in close proximity to flammable materials.

– Short-circuits, electrical events (lightning storm) or utility incidents in the area.

– High resistance or loose connections

– Server rooms and other digital infrastructure (can create immense heat).


Who are our Electrical Experts?

Garrett Forensics’ Electrical experts are often tasked with providing an expert opinion in the event of an electrical inspection, since any violations of electrical codes would be grounds of litigation.


Electrical expert witnesses may also be asked to conduct an accident investigation and reconstruction as a means of determining an electrical fire cause and origin, as electrical fires may cause substantial problems with safety and faulty electrical systems. Contact our Electrical Experts for Expert Testimony today, by filling out the form below.

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