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Engineering Expert Witnesses In California

Garrett Forensics specializes in providing expert witness services for engineering cases and claims, delivering clear and compelling testimony to support legal proceedings. Our team of highly skilled engineers offers comprehensive expert witness services across various engineering disciplines, including Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Transportation, and Traffic Engineering.


Trust Our Engineers When You Need an Expert Witness


Expert Testimony and Reports From Engineers

Our engineers are well versed in presenting complex engineering concepts in a clear and understandable manner. We provide expert testimony to help you win your case, and effectively communicate technical details to judges and juries.


Engineering Support Throughout The Legal Process

From case evaluation to trial preparation and courtroom testimony, we offer comprehensive support throughout the legal process. Our goal is to assist insurers and legal teams in building strong cases and achieving favorable outcomes.


Our Engineers Provide Expert Witness Services in the Following Areas


Civil & Structural Engineering Expert Witnesses

– Expert testimony related to infrastructure, foundations, and site conditions

– Assessment of building integrity and stability

– Expert testimony associated with structural defects


Mechanical Engineering Expert Witnesses

– Expert testimony related to failure of mechanical systems, machinery, or other equipment

– Testimony related to the failure of mechanical components and their impact on injuries or accidents


Transportation Engineers as Expert Witnesses

– Testimony related to roadway design, traffic flow, and traffic control devices

– Testimony related to transportation accidents


Traffic Engineering Expert Witnesses

– Expert witness testimony on intersections, traffic flow, and accident reconstruction

– Expert testimony related to traffic engineering designs and their impact on your case

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