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Civil & Structural Engineering Experts in California

At Garrett, we take pride in offering our clients a comprehensive range of engineering expertise, with specialists spanning a multitude of diverse engineering disciplines. Our team comprises dedicated experts who are well-versed in various fields, including, but certainly not limited to, Civil/Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Geotechnical, and Environmental Engineering.


Within this pool of highly qualified engineering professionals, Garrett boasts a team of Civil/Structural Engineers who stand ready to tackle investigations involving intricate structural failures. These specialized experts bring their wealth of knowledge and experience to the forefront when confronted with complex engineering challenges.


Our Civil/Structural Engineers embark on a meticulous process of inquiry and analysis. They scrutinize the details of each case, evaluating whether proper construction techniques were employed in strict adherence to all applicable Building & Safety Codes. Their expertise extends to identifying and assessing construction defects, environmental damage, and any deviations from industry standards. Through rigorous investigation and analysis, they aim to unearth the root causes of structural issues, striving to provide our clients with a clear understanding of the circumstances surrounding each case.


Moreover, our team is well-versed in conducting Standards of Industry research, which serves as an invaluable tool in the resolution of conflicts and disputes. By leveraging their extensive knowledge of industry standards and best practices, our experts provide essential context and evidence to support their findings and recommendations.


At Garrett, we recognize that structural integrity is paramount in the built environment, and we are committed to upholding the highest standards of safety and compliance. Whether it involves assessing the structural integrity of a building, investigating construction-related issues, or delving into environmental factors affecting structures, our Civil/Structural Engineers are dedicated to delivering thorough, reliable, and scientifically grounded analyses. We take pride in our role as problem solvers, providing our clients with the insight and clarity needed to address complex engineering challenges and make informed decisions.


Water Intrusion

When examining water intrusions, our experts focus on pinpointing the origin of the damage by determining if a water intrusion was caused by a possible plumbing failure, improper drainage, an irrigation problem, and/or a weather event. Calling Garrett’s experts immediately after a loss will help insure you can promptly determine the origin of a water intrusion and remedy the problem quickly, efficiently, and effectively.


Foundation Cracking & Flooring Issues

Garrett’s experts are often asked to investigate and diagnose many foundation type issues and the causes of property damage (such as tenting or cracking of the tile floor and/or movement/cracking of the foundation). Utilizing professional investigative techniques and years of expertise, Our experts can help you understand and address these foundation issues.



When evaluating property damage, Garrett’s experts are often times asked whether the earth’s movement giving rise to the property damage was the result of a seismic event or was it settlement issues.


Plumbing Issues

Garrett’s Engineers determine if the plumbing issue/water leak were caused by failure resulting from such things as improper installation, lack of proper maintenance and/or wear-and-tear issues.  Our experts even look at as such issues as irregular water pressure and whether chemicals may have been stored in close proximity to the pipes/hoses that could have resulted in their failure?


Roofing Failure

Roofing issues may arise due to a host of reasons i.e. poor construction, inadequate maintenance, weather, earth movement, etc.) When a roof fails, Garrett’s experts work to determine if the major contributor was improper construction or attachment of the roof may have been a factor. Another factor considered is whether heavy shingles, which the roof was not designed to support, contributed to the failure. In areas prone to a snow overload, hail and/or wind damage, our experts examine how these weather events contributed to the failures.


Construction Defects

Garrett’s experts can identify construction defect issues that have led to property claims which may have been caused by one or more defects, including but not limited to: an improper concrete pour on the slab, failure to install moisture barriers, drainage systems, Flexural or shear cracking, etc. Garrett’s experts can also determine why a failure occurred.  In other words, our experts can tell you such things as whether an improper grade of material was used, improper construction techniques, or was an improper design causing the failure?


Geotechnical Earth Movement Analysis

Geotechnical engineering is the branch of civil engineering concerned with the engineering behavior of earth materials. It uses the principles of soil mechanics and rock mechanics for the solution of its respective engineering problems. It also relies on knowledge of geology, hydrology, geophysics, and other related sciences. Geotechnical (rock) engineering is a subdiscipline of geological engineering. A geotechnical investigation will include surface exploration and subsurface exploration of a site.



Garrett’s Elevator Experts, often working in conjunction with a Human Factors Expert, can review documents and perform site and equipment inspections to determine what led to an injury on an elevator or escalator.  They also can determine if proper service and maintenance had been performed and whether there the costs involved in any repairs of the elevator or escalator were in-line with industry standards.



Metallurgy Experts examine evidence of metal/plastic failures, down to a microscopic levels, to determine the cause of the failure. Their investigations include examining metal/plastic itself and its properties, as well as the metal/plastic processing and use which can often reveal if long-term cracking/damage or single-event failure was the primary contributor to the failure.


Safety Code and Compliance

Building codes set the standards for the design and construction of buildings. The main purpose of building codes is to protect the public from the health and safety risks posed by improperly constructed buildings. Safety and Code Compliance Experts are often asked to assist in researching, interpreting, and determining code compliance and safety issues. Among the various areas where their services may be helpful include: inspections of staircases, retaining walls, handrails, and construction sites where understanding what procedures should have been followed to prevent accidents is a frequently requested area of expertise.


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