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Failure analysis is a foundational aspect of mechanical engineering, and it serves as the key to unlocking the mysteries surrounding mechanical failures. At Garrett Forensics, our Mechanical Engineers possess the expertise required to conduct a comprehensive analysis into machinery defects and failures. These seasoned experts delve into the intricacies of mechanical systems, evaluating code compliance, safety measures, and reliability concerns in the aftermath of a mechanical failure. Through meticulous examination and testing, they provide invaluable insights into the root causes of failure, whether it be attributed to a defective component or operator negligence, shedding light on the intricate details of how and why the breakdown occurred. With wide-ranging expertise, Garrett’s Mechanical Engineers can assess such items as:



Garrett’s experts can determine why an appliance failed by investigating if it had an improper design and/or was used and/or maintained improperly. They can also identify what part or component of the product caused the failure and why.


Automotive Components/Mechanical Failures

Garrett’s Automotive Engineers evaluate claims of auto component failure related to such items as: brakes & braking systems; suspensions; tires; engine; transmission and other system components considered to be the possible cause(s) of an accident. By examining a vehicle and its component parts, our experts can determine if the cause of failure were already known (i.e. recalls), due to long-term wear-and-tear and/or a single event.



Garrett’s Engineering Experts are often asked to review documents and perform site inspections to determine what may have led to an injury on an elevator or escalator. As part of their review, it can be determined if proper service and maintenance had been performed prior to the accident and/or, if the costs involved in the repair of the elevator or escalator were in-line with industry standards.


Medical Equipment

Garrett’s team of experts possesses the capability to discern, explore, and assess safety concerns and malfunctions associated with machinery implicated in accidents. This involves a comprehensive examination of factors such as equipment design, operational manuals and guidelines, safety mechanisms, and other relevant information pertaining to the proper and secure operation of the machinery in question. Furthermore, they are proficient in pinpointing the root cause of the malfunction, determining whether it stemmed from factors like flawed design and utilization, stress-induced component fatigue, or insufficient maintenance and training.


Metallurgy Testing

Garrett’s Metalllurgy Experts examine evidence of metal/plastic failures, down to microscopic levels, to determine the cause(s) of a failure. Their investigations include examining the metal/plastic itself as well as its properties, the failed item’s processing and use to reveal if long-term cracking/damage or a single-event failure was a primary contributor to the failure.


Safety and Code Compliance

Garrett’s Safety and Code Compliance Experts assist on code compliance and safety issues at construction sites and workplaces to determine what procedures should have been followed to prevent accidents. They also look for potential hazards by inspecting facilities, machinery, and safety equipment to make sure that they meet safety requirements.


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