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Premise Liability Expert Witnesses in California

When an incident arises which raise potential premises liability issues, our Clients call upon Garrett’s Premises Liability Experts to conduct in-depth investigations to determine the how, why, when and where of the matter. From slip, trips & fall, to faulty stairs and and handrails, Garrett’s team of professionals analyze all aspects of the case to identify and resolve the relevant liability and damages issues.


Our Premise Liability Expert Witness Services

Accident & Injury Analysis

For Accident & Injury Analysis in Premise Liability Cases, Garrett Forensics offers a comprehensive approach. Depending on the accident’s nature and the injuries sustained, we can mobilize a team of specialized experts to address all pertinent liability and damages concerns. From our Biomechanical Engineers to our experts in Code Compliance and related fields, Garrett is fully equipped to support clients in investigating and resolving every facet of their premise liability cases.


Biomechanical Analysis

In the area of Premise Liability Cases, Biomechanical Analysis plays a crucial role in investigations. Biomechanical Analysis is increasingly recognized as indispensable in discerning whether particular injuries stem from an accident or event. At Garrett Forensics, our biomechanical experts are frequently enlisted to scrutinize the mechanics of such incidents, unraveling the intricate details to ascertain the likelihood of injuries arising from the event.


Safety & Code Compliance

In Premise Liability Cases, Garrett Forensics’ expertise in Safety & Code Compliance is unparalleled. Our dedicated team of expert witnesses meticulously research all relevant Rules, Codes, Regulations, and Statutes to assess liability factors linked to safety and code compliance issues arising from an event or accident. One significant area where our specialists offer invaluable insights pertains to stairs and railings compliance. With a comprehensive understanding of stairway rise and run regulations, as well as handrail construction laws, our experts provide professional testimony crucial to personal injury and premises liability cases. Trust Garrett’s team to investigate and analyze compliance issues effectively on behalf of our clients.


Slip, Trip and Fall Injuries

In Slip, Trip, and Fall cases, understanding the coefficient of friction is extremely important. This metric assesses the slipperiness of the walking surface at the time of the incident, a pivotal question in such cases. Garrett’s expert witnesses utilize cutting-edge tools to conduct precise tests on both wet and dry surfaces, accurately determining the coefficient of friction. This data serves to evaluate if the walking surface adheres to the requisite standards for averting slip and fall incidents. When coupled with considerations like code compliance for walkways, stairs, and curbing, a comprehensive understanding of the incident begins to emerge. Trust Garrett’s expertise to unveil the complete picture surrounding slip, trip, and fall injuries.


Why Choose Garrett Forensics for Your Premise Liability Case?

Specialized Knowledge in California

Our team is made up of seasoned experts well-versed in California’s legal landscape, regulations, and precedents related to premise liability. We understand the nuances specific to California law, ensuring precise analysis and testimony.


Expert Witnesses With Experience

With years of experience in the premise liability space, our expert witnesses have successfully assisted numerous clients in navigating complex premise liability cases. From slip and fall incidents to inadequate security claims, we have the expertise to address various scenarios effectively and help you win your case.


No Stone Left Unturned

At Garrett Forensics, we conduct thorough investigations and analyses, leaving no stone unturned in assessing liability and causation factors. Our meticulous approach ensures that every aspect of the case is meticulously examined, providing robust support for your legal arguments.


Clear & Effective Expert Testimony

Our expert witnesses are skilled communicators adept at presenting complex information in a clear, concise manner. Whether in deposition or trial, we deliver compelling testimony that resonates with judges and jurors, bolstering your premise liability case’s credibility.


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