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Product Liability Expert Witnesses in California

Product Liability Expert Witnesses can play a crucial role in holding accountable manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers for injuries caused by their products.


Our Product liability experts can provide expert testimony in cases related to a wide range of products, from small appliances to industrial machinery.


Garrett’s experts specialize in investigating, testing, and consulting on various aspects, including product materials, construction, design, recalls, and safety compliance. Additionally, our experts can provide valuable insights into potential subrogation issues, helping you successfully navigate Product Liability Cases in California.


Product Liability Expert Witness Services

Vehicle Component Failure Cases

Our experts are frequently sought to assess claims and provide expert testimony related to auto component failure, including brakes, suspensions, tires, accelerators, transmissions, and other critical systems potentially linked to accidents. Our experts address whether a component failure preceded the accident and played a role in its outcome. Through meticulous examination of vehicle component systems, our experts ascertain if failures stemmed from known issues like recalls, long-term wear-and-tear, or isolated incidents and provide clear expert testimony to help you win your case.


Appliance Product Liability

Garrett’s Appliance Experts excel at uncovering and communicating the root cause of appliance failures. Through meticulous investigation, our expert witnesses ascertain whether failures stem from issues such as improper design, lack of maintenance, insufficient training, or improper appliance use. With a comprehensive understanding of appliance mechanisms, our experts pinpoint the specific part failures and elucidate the reasons behind them. Trust Garrett’s Appliance Experts to provide insightful testimony that clarifies liability in your product liability cases.


Fire Analysis in Product Liability Cases

In product liability cases involving fires, fire analysis plays a pivotal role in determining the cause, origin, and contributing factors of the incident. Our fire experts conducting thorough investigations to identify whether the fire resulted from a product defect, malfunction, or misuse to provide expert testimony in a court of law.


This analysis involves examining the product’s design, construction, materials, and potential failure points to assess its role in initiating the fire. Additionally, our experts evaluate environmental conditions, user behavior, and regulatory compliance to provide a comprehensive understanding of the incident. Through meticulous examination of fire patterns, residue, and other evidence, fire analysts help uncover crucial insights essential for determining liability and ensuring accountability in product liability cases involving fires.


Machinery & Component Failure

After examination of factors such as equipment design, operational manual instructions, safety features, maintenance protocols, and operator training, our experts develop testimony that communicates the potential liability factors arising from machinery malfunctions or component failures.


With their professional analysis and expertise, our expert witnesses support your product liability case with reliable insights to bolster your case.


Workplace Incidents

Our team of expert witnesses analyze and review workplace incidents to help you build your case. Supported by comprehensive investigations Garrett Forensics provides expert testimony related to Product Liability in the workplace.


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