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Property Loss Expert Witnesses in California

Garrett Forensics is a leading provider of expert witness services specializing in property loss assessments in California. Our highly skilled experts conduct thorough research and on-site inspections to evaluate the extent of property damage or destruction and provide expert testimony related to it. Whether the issue involves slope stability, retaining walls, water intrusion, wind damage, failed water supply lines, tree root damage, foundation cracks, or interior and exterior flooring issues, our experts are equipped to deliver reliable assessments and detailed analyses in a way that is clear to both judges and jury.


Our goal is not only to identify the causes of property losses but also to provide viable solutions, and expert testimony related to your property loss case. By offering expert testimony and professional assessments, we can help you win your case. Garrett Forensics is committed to serving as a trusted partner in navigating the complexities of property loss assessments and resolution in California.


Property Loss Expert Testimony in California


Garrett Forensics can provide expert testimony in the following areas related to Property Loss in California.


Construction Defects

Our experts meticulously identify, analyze, and determine whether construction defects may have contributed to property damage claims and cases. Whether it’s damage resulting from improper concrete pours on the slab, failure to install moisture barriers, poor drainage systems, or improper wiring, our experts offer invaluable insights and testimony to support your case. Trust Garrett’s Construction Defect Experts to provide comprehensive analysis and expert testimony essential for resolving property loss claims related to construction defects.


Water Intrusion

In water intrusion cases leading to property loss, our expert witnesses specialize in identifying the root cause of damage. Our experts analyze whether water intrusion resulted from plumbing failures, improper drainage, irrigation issues, or weather events. Contacting Garrett’s experts promptly after a loss ensures swift identification of the intrusion’s origin and efficient resolution of the problem. Trust our experts to provide timely and effective testimony essential for addressing water intrusion issues and minimizing property loss.


Cracking Stucco & Drywall

If your client is facing issues with cracking stucco and/or drywall, Garrett’s expert witnesses specialize in determining and documenting the underlying cause. Through thorough evaluation of factors such as soil settlement, earthquake activity, improper drainage, or potential long-term plumbing leaks, our experts can identify liability and subrogation issues related to the property loss. Trust Garrett’s experts to provide comprehensive analysis and expert testimony essential for resolving cracking stucco and drywall issues and determining accountability.



When assessing property damage caused by earthquakes, Garrett’s expert witnesses frequently analyze whether the property damage resulted from seismic events or settlement issues. We specialize in providing expert testimony to determine the cause of the earth’s movement leading to property damage. Trust Garrett’s experts to offer comprehensive analysis and expert testimony essential for resolving earthquake-related property loss cases and determining liability.


Fire & Property Loss

Garrett’s Fire Experts specialize in providing expert witness testimony for fire incidents involving various property types, including industrial and commercial buildings, as well as single or multi-tenant residential structures. Our highly qualified fire experts are equipped to conduct thorough investigations to analyze the fire professionally. We diligently determine all related liability and subrogation issues, offering comprehensive analysis and expert testimony essential for resolving fire-related property loss cases. Our experts deliver reliable insights and support for navigating the complexities of fire-related property loss cases.


Foundation Cracking

Our Expert Witnesses frequently provide testimony on foundation-related issues and the resulting property damage, including tile floor tenting or cracking and foundation movement or cracking. With professional engineering techniques and extensive expertise, our experts specialize in diagnosing these foundation issues and effectively communicating them with expert testimony in a court of law.


Plumbing Issues and Property Loss

We investigate whether the plumbing problem or water leak resulted from factors such as improper installation, inadequate maintenance, or wear-and-tear issues. Our expert witnesses also consider factors like irregular water pressure and the potential impact of chemicals stored near pipes or hoses that could lead to failure.


Retaining Walls and Stability Issues

When addressing issues concerning slope stability or the integrity of retaining walls, our expert witnesses conduct comprehensive assessments and deliver expert testimony. We evaluate the geological and engineering factors to determine the underlying causes and potential risks associated with property loss. Trust our experts to provide insightful analysis and expert testimony essential for understanding and addressing slope stability and retaining wall-related property loss cases.


Roofing Failure

In cases of roofing failure and resulting property loss, various factors such as poor construction, inadequate maintenance, weather events, and earth movement may play a role. Garrett’s expert witnesses specialize in determining the primary contributors to roofing failures, such as improper construction or attachment methods. We also assess whether factors like the use of heavy shingles beyond the roof’s capacity or weather events like snow overload, hail, or wind damage contributed to the failure to develop and deliver expert testimony for your case.


Tree and Root Damage

Garrett’s Arborists specialize in providing expert witness testimony for a range of foliage-related issues, with a focus on tree and root damage, broken tree limbs, and plant/tree disease identification. Tree and root damages can pose safety hazards, necessitating a prompt and thorough assessment to take appropriate action. Our Arborists assist in determining liability questions, including whether property damages were caused by tree roots. By understanding the type of tree involved and its root system expansion, our experts can identify potential liability issues and communicate them through expert testimony. This analysis and testimony helps determine whether a specific tree’s roots damaged concrete slabs, garage floors, or uplifted sidewalks, aiding in property loss cases.


Wind & Weather Damage

In assessing liability issues related to wind or weather damage, our expert witnesses specialize in evaluating the structural integrity of damaged buildings. We determine whether the structure met building code requirements for resistance to high winds and investigate whether damages resulted from improper construction practices. Trust our experts to provide thorough analysis and expert testimony essential for understanding and addressing wind and weather-related property loss cases.


Safety & Code Compliance

Safety and Code Compliance Experts specialize in providing expert witness testimony for researching, interpreting, and determining code compliance and safety issues in property loss cases. Their services are invaluable in conducting inspections of construction sites to assess whether proper procedures were followed to prevent accidents.

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