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National Auto Accident Desktop Review

Low Impact Auto Accident and Probability of Injury Assessment Desktop Review


Garrett Forensics offers a nationwide Desktop Review for low-impact vehicle accidents, providing a comprehensive evaluation without visiting the scene or inspecting vehicles.

For a flat rate of $595, benefit from an impressive turnaround time of just 3-7 business days.

– These accidents are typically fender-benders, or a light tap, that results in very minimal damage to the vehicles involved in the collision.

– Our team, comprised of experienced police officers, analyzes supplied documents and photographs to answer key questions about the accident:

Which version of the accident is most probable?

Is the damage to the vehicle or vehicles consistent with the collision as described?

What were the speeds, g-forces, and probability for injury in this accident?


This streamlined process ensures quick and accurate assessments, saving you time and hassle. Trust us to deliver thorough investigations without ever leaving the office, providing you with the insights you need to navigate insurance claims with confidence.

*For major accidents, Garrett Forensics can perform an EDR download and Accident Reconstruction service for the entire state of California.


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