The brakes don’t work!

In freeway traffic, the insured was approaching a vehicle that was slowing in front of her, she reportedly applied the brakes but the vehicle would not stop!

Engine Failure

An automotive repair shop serviced a 2006 Ford F450 turbo diesel engine.  Roughly 100 miles later the engine failed.  GEI was assigned to determine

Fire Wall

The Thomas Fire of 2017 was a massive wildfire that burned approximately 282,000 acres, becoming the largest wildfire in modern California history. The

A Door Dent

The Accord driver admitted to backing into the left side of an unoccupied Silverado pickup. The pickup owner said he was inside the vehicle and was injured.

An Inline Collision

Three vehicles were involved in an inline nose–to-tail, nose–to-tail accident. The insured, driving a Mercedes-Benz, rear-ended a second vehicle, a Scion.

A Wiring Issue

The Kia needed a new battery.   The owner of the vehicle asked for help from a tow truck driver. He agreed to help her and he replaced the battery in her

Soapy Vandalism

The insured’s late model vehicle was vandalized with a white powder (possibly a cleaning powder or laundry soap) poured into the oil filler opening in

Auto Body Damage

The insured owner of a Chevrolet Cruze filed a claim for front and rear damage to his vehicle while parked in a shopping mall. Reportedly it was parked and

Crumbly Concrete

The homeowner’s kitchen floor seemed to have soft spots. The vinyl flooring was pulled back to reveal “crumbly” concrete. The concrete in the

A Recurring Question

‘Twas the day after Christmas and we were called by an attorney whose client wanted to sue someone for emotional distress and for disturbing the peace.