Sliding down a slippery slope

The case of the month relates to a geotechnical issue.   An adjuster called us with a case where a slipping hillside brought a wall of muddy debris into the

A failed fire sprinkler system

We were asked to investigate the cause of a stand pipe connection failure in the fire protection and sprinkler system of a major high rise building, located in

Sometimes the devil is in the documents

By Paul Whiting Occasionally the best evidence isn’t what’s evident on the roadway or what is purported to be vehicle damage from a collision. In this low

Construction defects in a $2.6 MM home

The insured had expensive imported slate installed on the third floor deck of his $2.6 MM home. A major storm produced water leaks through the ceilings and

The mysterious auto fire

The call came in that there had been a vehicle fire of unknown origin-would we check it out? Our story begins with the kids telling Dad that there was smoke in

The $2 million auto rear ender

The case involves a two car traffic collision. The insured’s vehicle rear-ended the plaintiff’s vehicle. After the accident, the plaintiff was unable to