The toppling back yard walls

The homeowner lived on a hillside.  The house was at street level and the backyard descended steeply down the slope for several dozen yards. The homeowner

The rat repairs

The insured owned a late model Mercedes-Benz S500. He noticed an intermittent dash warning light and took it to the dealer for an estimate.   The dealer

The moldy wall

The insured entered an insurance claim based upon discovery of a dark brown moldy growth on an interior wall of the insured’s living room.  The insured was

The fallen flue

The insured owned an unoccupied, three story rental mountain cabin.   A second story chimney fell, hitting the guardrail of a balcony located over the

House slab cracks

A home built in 1989 was offered for sale in 2009 and purchased by a young couple. The house was on a relatively flat lot, approximately two feet above the

An unwanted air bag deployment

The owner of a Volkswagen Passat decided that he would buy a cool new GPS navigation unit to spruce up his ride. He went to the local professional grade

A van rollover

A group of friends rented a new passenger van from a national rental company. They started in Seattle and drove 800 miles to Idaho Falls.   When it was time

A crumbly running track

The insured company was in the business of installing running track surfaces for high school and collegiate athletic stadiums. The process was to grade the

Electrical sign fire

The insured had a business located on a busy city street, not far from a freeway. To advertise to the swarm of passing potential customers, they erected a 30

HVAC fire

The case of the month is a residential HVAC fire.   The fire department attributed the fire to a poorly maintained furnace.   Our client was not content to