Failed brakes?

Per the insured, she was driving her vehicle when suddenly the brakes had no pressure, and the brake pedal went to the floor.   The emergency brake did not

A desk top review

Our case of the month is a Desk Top Review, or DTR.   The DTR is a review of photographs, statements, police reports, and repair documents, without a

Failed retaining walls

The insured had a slope failure behind his home.   Two retaining walls had collapsed and a water line was broken.   The client wished to know whether the

A disc bulge

Some readers gave us feedback from last month’s Garagram.   Thank you, for this helps us to know what is effective and what is not. In particular, for

A disc bulge

The insured’s vehicle struck the claimant’s vehicle. The claimant filed for permanent disability due to lower back pain.   GEI was retained to

A conflict of interest

Vice-President’s Message: A Conflict of Interest by Pax Starksen Occasionally, we receive case assignments where all of the parties to the matter have

A broken leg

This month’s Garagram examines the question-could an injury have been prevented by seatbelt use? The injury accident occurred when a small car was struck

A backyard mud slide

The insured turned in a claim for damages to his home from a mudslide or earth movement.   GEI was assigned to visually inspect the insured’s site to

Two DTRs-parallel parking and a rear ender

# 1: The parallel parking DTR The insured backed his small SUV into the side of the claimant’s sedan during parallel parking.  The claimant and his

Warehouse water leaks – from the neighbor?

The claimant sued the insured for causing mud and water damage to the claimant’s warehouse.   Specifically, the damage was allegedly caused by the