Stolen, recovered, burned

The case of the month involves a vehicle that was reported as stolen and then was subsequently recovered. Unfortunately, it was badly burned. GEI was assigned

A freeway chain reaction

The case of the month involves a four-vehicle series of impacts that occurred on a freeway before sunrise. The first vehicle, a Ford F150, stalled. It

Can failed retaining walls be safely rebuilt?

The insured's back yard retaining walls failed. A concrete deck was cracked, one retaining wall was tipped, two retaining walls had collapsed, and a water line

The teenaged vehicle theft – Oh really?

The insured’s daughter parked her vehicle at school and when she came out of class the vehicle was gone. Then she noticed that she had lost her key. The

I see – that’s a problem

by William Sommers Fully Accredited Traffic Accident Reconstructionist (ACTAR #268) Editor’s note: The following article was written for Gold Wing magazine,

Transponders bypassed?

Guest Article: Transponders Bypassed? by Thomas G. Seroogy, Certified Forensic Locksmith A 2005 VW Passat was reported stolen and was soon recovered. The

Runaway in reverse

The insured’s Toyota Matrix exited a driveway and uncontrollably accelerated backward.  It then struck another vehicle. GEI was assigned to inspect and

The missing foundation

The owners of a house in Southern California decided to strengthen their home to better survive "the next big one". They called a local earthquake retrofit