The toilet supply line failure

Our case of the month deals with a water hose failure.  A medical facility/outpatient surgery center suffered a toilet supply line failure, which caused

The Damaged Driveway

The homeowner’s residence suffered a recent water line failure.   One of the concrete pads was also said to be recently cracked, possibly as a result of a

The Damaged Pins By Clifford Stover, P. E.

A large electronics corporation was getting ready for final production of a new state-of-the art automated teller machine for use by numerous banks and grocery

BMW contamination

The insured reported that he had a falling out with his former roommate and was forced to move to a new location. Apparently the   former roommate was bent

House cracks

The insured turned in a claim for damages to his residence. GEI was assigned to determine the causes of the damage and the approximate age. Specifically we

Brake fluid failure?

The brakes on the insured’s 2004 GMC Yukon smelled hot and then locked up. The dealer thought that the brake fluid was contaminated, possibly the result

Toyota brake failure?

Our client contacted us to inspect and photograph their insured’s 2000 Toyota 4Runner which was recently involved in an accident.   The driver said that the