Hazmat Vandalism

The insured’s BMW was vandalized by unknown parties using chemicals.   GEI was hired to conduct an environmental analysis of the chemicals that subsequently

A Vehicle Exorcism?

In the spirit of Halloween, we bring you the following case.   Per our client, the insured parked her car and went in a grocery store.   When she came out,

A Truck Fire

Our client called with a case where their insured worked on the claimant’s vehicle, a 2005 Peterbilt 379.   The next day it caught on fire.   The

Accounting for a GC

A general contractor sued his client for $2,000,000, claiming he was due money according to his contract terms. The client had hired the contractor to build

An Engine Fire

The client’s Nissan Altima sustained an engine fire.   GEI was retained to determine the cause and origin of the fire. Our expert researched the data

An Assortment of Water Leaks

A general contractor built his own home. Rainy weather led to numerous water leaks through the window framing, roofing, and around the porch. He used several

Tree Root Damage

The insured’s backyard tree had potentially damaged the claimant’s property. GEI was assigned to inspect and photograph the claimant’s site,

The Vandalized Cobalt

GEI was assigned to examine a vandalized Chevrolet Cobalt and determine the cause of its engine damage. The vehicle was inspected at the repair shop.  The