A Recurring Question

‘Twas the day after Christmas, and we were called by an attorney whose client wanted to sue someone for disturbing his otherwise peaceful night’s sleep.  

A Viper Rental

In Las Vegas for a fun weekend, the defendant rented a Dodge Viper. The short version: it broke. Three years later, he was in court facing a $33K lawsuit for

A Washing Machine Overflow

The homeowners’ washing machine overflowed. Fortunately, they heard the water splashing, so they quickly stopped the motor and shut off the water before

A Sagging Roof

The insured claimed roof damages due to recent high winds. GEI was hired to examine the damages and to identify and determine the predominant cause and their

An Oil Leak

The owner of a Ford Transit Connect took his vehicle into a repair shop to change the oil and replace the oil filter. When the shop drained the oil and started

A Kia Engine Failure

The insured’s son was driving the family’s Kia when the engine quit running and would not restart. It was then towed to the dealership. The mechanics at

A Chain Reaction Crash

This auto accident was described as a three-vehicles-in-a-row collision. The lead car was a Honda, the middle was a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the third was a

A Water Leak in the Desert

The homeowners were many weeks away from their La Quinta, California home, escaping the desert heat, when their gardener telephoned them. He said there was

An SUV Fire

GEI was assigned to inspect the insured’s 2005 Ford Excursion and to determine the point of origin and cause of an engine fire.     According to

A yacht electrical fire

An electrical fire damaged a 1989 34 foot Luhrs 342 Tournament Sportfisherman. GEI was assigned to inspect the yacht and the shore power connections to