A Kenworth Fire

A fire, apparently electrical in origin, damaged a 2015 Kenworth T680 truck. GEI was assigned to determine the fire’s point of origin and its ignition cause.

The Cost of a Pot Hole

The driver hit a pot hole, which broke the vehicle suspension and caused him to swerve into parked cars. The repair bill was almost $7K. GEI was assigned to

The Cost of a Power Pole

The driver hit the 50-foot wooden power pole, making a large dent in the nose of his car and breaking the pole. There was no dispute over that. The utility

A Trailer Hitch

A small black sedan struck the rear of the insured’s Toyota pickup and then fled the scene. The insured driver was accompanied by a passenger in the pickup

A Ladder Fall

The homeowner’s son was painting the eaves of his father’s home using an extension ladder belonging to his father. The ladder slipped, the son

A Desk Top Review

The red Fiat and the red Ranger collided. The insured and claimant differed greatly in their stories as to what occurred. The vehicle damage was repaired, and

Driveway Cracks

A main water line belonging to the City of Thousand Oaks burst in front of the insured’s residence. The homeowner then claimed that the water flow cracked

Engine Damage

The insured’s son was driving the family Kia when the engine quit running and would not restart. It was towed to the dealership. The dealership said that one

A Failed Retaining Wall

The Half Moon Bay home had a leaning fence and the integrity of the retaining wall on the property line was questionable. GEI was assigned to investigate the

A Laundromat Fall

It was a rainy week. The plaintiff, a 61 year-old former librarian wore her rain boots when she walked into a commercial self-serve laundromat. As she turned