A Recurring Question

‘Twas the day after Christmas and we were called by an attorney whose client wanted to sue someone for emotional distress and for disturbing the peace.

Auto/Pedestrian Accident

Imagine you are driving in stop and go traffic. It is night. You have two other lanes to your right, and a left hand turn lane on your left. Traffic comes to a

Boxster Valves

The claimant’s 2002 Porsche Boxster was rear-ended by the insured. The claimant took it to a shop for repairs, but due to financial issues, no work was done

Swelling Floor Planks

The homeowner’s bedroom floor was laid with laminate hardwood tongue-and-groove planks, over a slab-on-grade concrete pad. The flooring was swelling and

Road Hazard

The insured said he “ran over something” in his Nissan Altima and then the engine blew up. There was smoke, but no fire. The last service was two months

Diesel Fuel Contamination

The insured bought a Dodge diesel pickup truck. He was the sixth owner. Three months and 691 miles later the engine would crank but not start. He had it towed

Hot Shock Light Bulb Examination

It was a dark morning before sunrise. One car rear-ended another. The allegation was that the lead car was driving with its lights off, so the striking car

A Backing Accident

It was summer camp time. Moms were dropping off their kids at about 9 am. Unfortunately, two of the drivers backed into each other. There were two different

Refrigerator Leak

The homeowners discovered water damage to the kitchen floor of their residence. The apparent source of the water on their kitchen floor was the water and

Stolen Recovered

A 2006 Toyota Tacoma was stolen, vandalized, partially stripped, and then recovered. GEI was assigned to inspect and photograph the Toyota and to identify