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Document Review

What is a Document Review?

Here at Garrett Forensics our Experts can review photographs, police reports, fire reports, structural damage reports, repair invoices, cost assessments, testimonies, and any other pertinent documents to provide you with answers in a comprehensive, detailed reportThis type of review is helpful when the vehicle, property, or machine has been repaired, but you still need answers. Not only can we work within demanding timeframes with a rapid turnaround time, all of our Experts are also fully prepared to stand by their findings and testify in court as an expert witness.  


How can a Garrett Forensics’ Document Review Benefit You?

Here are just a few ways:


– If you’re preparing for a trial, and need an expert opinion that can stand up in court, Garrett’s experts can review all pertinent documents and assess what really happened. 


– If a vehicle was in an accident and repairs have been made, and the claim enters subrogation, our experts can review the photographs from the collision along with repair invoices, witness testimonies, police reports, and other pertinent documents to get to the bottom of what really occurred.


– If there was a fire and the property or vehicle was repaired, yet your Client keeps demanding more payments and you still have questions about liability, our experts can perform a comprehensive review to determine a cause and origin of the fire.


– If someone is claiming latent injuries after a case has settled or closed, we can perform a Biomechanical Assessment of the medical records, photographs, testimonies, etc., to determine if those injuries were actually related to the incident or not.


Our Experts can provide these answers whether its been weeks, months, or even years after an alleged incident


They can review and research any preexisting conditions to rule out if those impacted the alleged injury from the incident.  


How Does it Work and What is the Process?

Our Document Review process at Garrett Forensics is catered to each specific case, and consists of a very thorough and comprehensive review of all documentation and photographs that are pertinent to your case. Our Experts know which questions to ask and will let you know what is necessary to achieve your forensic objectives/goals.


This document review process does not require a physical inspection, nor any interviews with witnesses or Clients. It is useful if you are entering into litigation or subrogation and are still looking for an Expert opinion and/or someone to testify as an Expert Witness. At Garrett Forensics all of our Experts stand behind their work with vast experience, impressive resumes, and integrity. They are ready to testify as a credible Expert Witness whenever needed, and they can also travel anywhere in the country to meet your needs.


This Document Review can be completed in any location as it does not require a physical inspection or analysis.


Which Document Can Our Experts Review?

Our Experts can review the following documents to provide you with a thorough, detailed report of their findings:

– Photographs
– Police Reports
– Fire Reports
– Traffic Reports
– Witness Statements
– Testimonies of those Involved
– Medical Records
– Repair Invoices
– Toxicology Reports
– Construction Plans
– Structural Damage Assessments
– Reports from Other Forensic Investigations
– Blueprints for Repairs
– City Permits
– Electrical Invoices, Repairs and Assessments
– Recalls (Safety-related and others)
– Legal Documents:
– Demands 
– Testimonies 
– All Discovery Items 
– Witness Statements 


What Type of Cases Can Our Expert Assist You With in a Document Review?

Our experts are prepared to serve as Expert Witnesses for the following types of Cases/Claims:

– Biomechanical Injury Assessment

– Structural Assessment

– Origin and Cause of Fires

– Land Sliding and Movement

– Plumbing Issues

– Accident Reconstruction

– Interpreting EDR Data

– Appliance Failure

– Roofing Failures

– Construction Defects

– Safety and Code Compliance

– Accident and Injury

– Foundation and Flooring Issues

– Water Intrusion

– Mechanical Components Failure

– Workers Compensation

– Electrical Fires, Utility Systems, and Safety

– HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)

– Machine Construction Issues and Safety

– Premise Liability

– Slip, Trip and Fall

– Toxicology Analysis



Do You Have an EDR Download and Can’t Interpret The Data?

If you have the EDR data and reports from a vehicle accident, but don’t know how to decipher the data, our Experts can quickly and efficiently handle this for you. We work with ACTAR Certified Accident Reconstructionists who are able to analyze the EDR data combined with photographs of the damaged vehicles, police reports, witness testimonies, repair invoices, and any other relevant information to piece together what really happened in the accident.


All of our Accident Reconstructionists are either active Police Officers or retired Law Enforcement. They are able and ready to testify as an Expert Witness whenever needed. They conduct their investigations with the utmost care and integrity and will confidently back and explain their findings in court.


    Have Documents You’d Like Us To Review?

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