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Expert Biomechanical Analysis & Investigation Services in California

At Garrett Forensics, we understand the critical role of biomechanical analysis in accident investigations and insurance claims. Our Biomechanical Analysis Services in California are designed to provide thorough and precise assessments, aiding in the determination of injury mechanisms and causation. Whether the events and injuries are minor or involve fatalities, a rigorous biomechanical analysis is critical to demystifying the relationship between the events and the damage to the human body, including soft-tissue damage, lacerations, broken bones and death. A biomechanical analysis can help when there are no witnesses or when witness testimony conflicts, or when the economic stakes are high.


Why Choose Garrett Forensics for Biomechanical

Analysis & Investigations?


Accurate Biomechanical Investigations

We have a team of experienced experts that conduct detailed Biomechanical Investigations for Insurance Claims throughout California. Using advanced techniques and cutting-edge technology, we analyze the forces and dynamics involved in accidents to determine injury mechanisms.


Comprehensive Reports

Our experts provide comprehensive and easy-to-understand reports tailored to California insurance claims. Our reports outline the biomechanical findings in a clear and concise manner, aiding insurance adjusters, attorneys, and courts in understanding the complexities of the case.


Expert Testimony

Our biomechanical experts are available to provide expert testimony in California courts. We are well-versed in presenting complex biomechanical concepts in a way that is easily understandable, helping to support your case with strong scientific evidence.


Our Biomechanical Analysis & Investigation Services Include:

Vehicle Collisions

– Analysis of forces and impacts in automobile accidents

– Determination of occupant kinematics and injury potential


Slip and Fall Accidents

– Evaluation of slip and fall incidents, including surface properties and friction coefficients

– Assessment of injury mechanisms and causation


Product Liability Cases

– Examination of product-related injuries, such as faulty equipment or defective products

– Analysis of forces and interactions between individuals and products


Specific Injury Causation

– Detailed investigation into the specific causes of injuries sustained

– Assessment of how accident dynamics led to specific injuries


Relevance of Pre-Existing Injuries

– Evaluation of pre-existing conditions and their impact on current injuries

– Analysis of how pre-existing injuries may have been exacerbated by the accident


Wrongful Death

– Expert analysis in cases of wrongful death due to accidents

– Investigation into the biomechanics of fatal injuries and causation factors


Biomechanical Analysis for Insurance Claims in California

Our Expert Investigations and Biomechanical analysis can support insurance claims throughout California. Whether you’re an insurance adjuster, attorney, or individual seeking clarity in a personal injury case, Garrett Forensics is here to provide expert analysis and insights. Fill out the form below to contact us today.

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