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Engineering Investigations in California

Since 1971 Garrett Forensics has provided unparalleled engineering investigations in California, assisting insurers with thorough analyses in various engineering disciplines. Our team of highly skilled engineers specializes in Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Transportation, and Traffic Engineering, offering comprehensive investigations to support insurance claim evaluations.


Why Choose Garrett Forensics for Engineering Investigations?


Diverse Engineering Expertise

Across our team of expert investigators we have a wide range of engineering expertise in the following disciplines:


Civil and Structural Engineering Investigations

– Infrastructure analysis covering foundations and various site conditions

– Detailed Assessments of Building Integrity

– Investigation of structural defects and their impacts on insurance claims


Mechanical Engineering Investigations

– Investigation into the failure of mechanical systems, machinery, and equipment failures

– Mechanical component assessment as it relates to insurance claims


Transportation Engineering Investigations

– Investigation and analysis of signage, road design, and traffic control devices

– Investigation into the cause of transportation accidents


Traffic Engineering Investigations

– Investigation and analysis of intersections, traffic flow, and accident reconstruction

– Evaluation of traffic flow and roadway design as it pertains to insurance claims



Comprehensive Investigations for Insurers

Garrett Forensics conducts thorough investigations tailored to meet insurers’ needs in California. Whether it’s analyzing the structural integrity of a building after a natural disaster or determining the cause of a transportation-related incident, our engineering experts provide detailed reports and expert testimony to support insurance claim evaluations. With a commitment to excellence and precision, Garrett Forensics is the trusted partner for insurers in California seeking reliable engineering investigations. Our meticulous approach, combined with years of experience, ensures thorough analyses and robust support for insurance claims. Fill out the form below to contact one of our experts today.

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