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Personal Injury Investigations for Insurers in California

Comprehensive Investigations for Insurance Claims Management

When it comes to managing personal injury claims in California, thorough investigations are crucial for insurers. Garrett Forensics offers specialized personal injury investigation services tailored specifically for insurers seeking to validate claims and mitigate fraud risks.


Why Choose Garrett Forensics for Personal Injury Investigations?

Specialized Expertise in Personal Injury Claims

Garrett Forensics works with investigators that specialize in personal injury cases, equipped with a deep understanding of California laws and regulations.


Rigorous Investigation Protocols

At Garrett Forensics we have rigorous investigation protocols in place to ensure every single angle of a claim has been examined to provide insurers with the most reliable information related to their personal injury claim.


Evidence Collection

Our experts can handle anything from accident reconstruction to witness interviews and medical record reviews, we meticulously gather evidence to support or challenge the validity of any claims that come across your desk.


Personal Injury Fraud Detection

Our expert investigations can detect and prevent insurance fraud related to personal injury claims. All of our investigators implement fraud detection measures to protect your interests as an insurer.


Garrett Forensics Personal Injury Investigation Services

Accident Reconstruction

Our experts utilize advanced technologies and techniques to reconstruct accidents to understand the cause and severity of personal injuries. Learn more about our accident reconstruction services.


Scene Examination

Our personal injury investigations include a detailed examination of the scene of the personal injury to gather physical evidence that may be crucial to managing your personal injury claims.


Medical Record & Document Analysis

Our experts conduct a thorough review of medical records and any other documents related to the personal injury claim. This provides a clear assessment of the extent of the injuries and treatment required.


Why Personal Injury Investigations Are So Important for Insurers

Personal injury investigations serve as a critical tool for insurers to make informed decisions regarding claims. By partnering with Garrett Forensics, insurers can:


Mitigate Fraud Risks

Our investigations help identify fraudulent claims, saving insurers significant costs.


Ensure Fair Settlements

Comprehensive investigations provide insurers with the information needed to make fair and accurate claim assessments.

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