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Product Liability Insurance Claim Investigations in California

At Garrett Forensics, we specialize in Product Liability Insurance Claims Investigations, offering comprehensive support to insurers navigating complex product liability claims. Our expertise lies in conducting thorough investigations into product liability claims, providing invaluable insights to strengthen clients’ claim resolution.


Product Liability Insurance Claim Investigations

Vehicle Component Failure Claims

In Product Liability Insurance Claims Investigations involving vehicle component failure, our team is often called upon to assess claims related to critical systems such as brakes, suspensions, tires, accelerators, and transmissions, which may be linked to accidents.


We focus on determining whether a component failure occurred before the accident and contributed to its outcome. Through thorough examination of vehicle component systems, we investigate whether failures were due to known issues like recalls, long-term wear-and-tear, or isolated incidents. Our meticulous analysis provides crucial insights to support your Product Liability Insurance Claims Investigations and bolster your case for successful claim resolution.


Appliance Product Liability

Through thorough investigation, our experts investigate whether failures result from issues like faulty design, inadequate maintenance, insufficient training, or improper appliance usage. With in-depth knowledge of appliance mechanisms, our experts pinpoint specific part failures and elucidate the reasons behind them. Trust Garrett’s Appliance Experts to provide detailed insights essential for clarifying liability in your product liability insurance claims investigations.


Fire & Product Liability

Our fire experts conduct comprehensive investigations to determine if the fire resulted from a product defect, malfunction, or misuse, providing critical insights for insurance claims investigations.


This analysis entails scrutinizing the product’s design, construction, materials, and potential failure points to ascertain its role in initiating the fire. Additionally, our experts assess environmental conditions, user behavior, and regulatory compliance to gain a comprehensive understanding of the incident. Through meticulous examination of fire patterns, residue, and other evidence, our fire analysts uncover crucial insights crucial for determining liability and ensuring accountability in Product Liability Insurance Claims Investigations related to fires.


Machinery & Component Failure Investigations

In Product Liability Insurance Claims Investigations concerning machinery and component failure, our experts thoroughly examine factors such as equipment design, operational manual instructions, safety features, maintenance protocols, and operator training. Through this comprehensive analysis, we identify potential liability factors arising from machinery malfunctions or component failures.


Trust our team to deliver thorough investigations and expert guidance essential in managing and resolving your product liability insurance claims.


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