Garrett’s Fire & Arson services are committed to providing meticulous and scientifically rigorous investigations into fire and explosion incidents. Our Fire Investigators adhere to the guidelines set forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), which are widely regarded as the gold standard for conducting precise and well-informed analyses of these events.

The NFPA guidelines serve as the foundation upon which our investigations are built, ensuring that we maintain the highest standards of accuracy in determining the origin, cause, responsibility, and methods of prevention related to fire and explosion incidents. These guidelines are designed to be applicable to a wide range of professionals, including public sector employees responsible for fire investigations and private sector experts conducting inquiries on behalf of insurance companies or in preparation for litigation.

When a fire or explosion occurs, the critical task of ascertaining its cause and origin necessitates a meticulous approach. Our team of Fire Investigators is well-equipped and highly trained to undertake this task. They meticulously examine the incident site, leaving no stone unturned in their quest to gather all available evidence. Their mission is to uncover whether the fire resulted from an accidental event, a deliberate act, mechanical or electrical failures, or a natural occurrence.

Our expertise extends across a broad spectrum of scenarios. Whether it involves vehicles, construction equipment, industrial or commercial buildings, or single and multi-tenant residential structures, our Fire Investigators are well-versed in analyzing fire and arson incidents in diverse settings. Their depth of knowledge, combined with their commitment to scientific rigor, ensures that their findings are not only accurate but also capable of withstanding scrutiny in various contexts, including legal proceedings and insurance claims.

At Garrett’s Fire & Arson services, we prioritize the pursuit of truth and the application of scientific principles to unravel the complexities surrounding fire and explosion incidents. Our mission is to provide clarity and resolution, whether for insurance claims, litigation, or simply enhancing the understanding of these events to prevent future occurrences.

Vehicle Fires

Garrett’s Fire Investigators are frequently entrusted with the task of examining fires that encompass a diverse range of vehicles, including automobiles, semi-tractor/trailers, buses, boats, and airplanes. In line with our rigorous investigative approach, our experts are dedicated to establishing the cause of these fires, whether they resulted from intentional acts, electrical or mechanical malfunctions, or accidents. Every member of our team conducts a meticulous analysis, firmly grounded in established scientific principles and aligned with the guidelines outlined in NFPA 921.

Arson Fires

In cases of arson fires, the investigation becomes particularly complex and challenging, as the determination of both the cause and origin is crucial in uncovering whether the fire was the result of a deliberate, intentional act. Garrett’s team of Fire Investigators is well-versed in conducting meticulous and thorough examinations in these situations, drawing on their expertise and experience to shed light on the intricate details of the incident.

Determining Deliberate Acts: Arson investigations require a meticulous analysis of the fire’s behavior, patterns, and any evidence of accelerants or incendiary devices. Our investigators carefully scrutinize the scene, searching for telltale signs that the fire was deliberately set. This can involve examining fire patterns, assessing burn marks, and collecting samples for laboratory analysis to identify potential accelerants.

Discovery of Insurance Fraud: In addition to determining the cause and origin of the fire, the work of our investigators can also contribute to uncovering instances of insurance fraud. In cases where arson is suspected, our team’s thorough examination and adherence to NFPA 921 guidelines can reveal critical evidence that may be essential in exposing fraudulent insurance claims. This serves to protect the integrity of the insurance industry while also ensuring that claims are justly and accurately assessed.

By employing a combination of scientific expertise, meticulous examination, and adherence to established guidelines, Garrett’s Fire Investigators are dedicated to unraveling the complexities of arson fires. Their efforts not only help to determine the causes of these incidents but also aid in the prevention of insurance fraud, ultimately contributing to a more transparent and accountable legal and insurance landscape.

Residential Fires

Garrett’s Fire Investigators are highly skilled in the field of fire loss investigations, catering to a diverse range of settings. Whether it’s a single dwelling, a multi-tenant residential structure, or industrial and commercial locations, their expertise extends to all these scenarios.

In the realm of residential structures, they meticulously probe the causes and origins of fires, aiming to provide a clear understanding of how and why such incidents occur. Their assessments also involve considering the potential for subrogation, which can be crucial in cases where multiple parties might share liability or responsibility for the incident.

In industrial and commercial settings, where the stakes can be higher, Garrett’s Fire Investigators rise to the challenge. Their timely and accurate investigations are designed to leave no stone unturned when it comes to uncovering the factors that led to a fire. These investigations yield comprehensive insights into the origin and cause of the fire, serving as a valuable resource for all stakeholders, including property owners, insurers, and legal entities.

By offering a holistic perspective on the circumstances surrounding fire losses, Garrett’s Fire Investigators contribute to informed decision-making and the fair adjudication of claims. Their work not only sheds light on the immediate causes of the incident but also considers the potential for subrogation, ensuring that the complexities of these situations are expertly addressed.

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