Biomechanical Analysis

In general terms, biomechanics is the science of how the human body responds to applied external and internal forces. Biomechanical experts at Garrett will conduct an in-depth analysis which will provide the critical link to understanding the relationship between personal injury and injury-producing events. Whether the events and injuries are minor or involve fatalities, a rigorous biomechanical analysis is critical to demystifying the relationship between the events and the damage to the human body, including soft-tissue damage, lacerations, broken bones and death. A biomechanical analysis can help when there are no witnesses or when witness testimony conflicts, or when the economic stakes are high.


Various incidents, such as minor vehicular collisions at low speeds or instances of slipping, tripping, and falling, often lead to injury claims that may not definitively establish a direct link to the incident in question. To ascertain whether a claimed injury genuinely occurred as a consequence of a specific incident, Garrett’s team of biomechanical consultants specializes in meticulously analyzing the biomechanical forces required to traumatically induce the injury. They diligently investigate whether the precise biomechanical conditions necessary for the injury were indeed present during the incident under scrutiny. This rigorous approach allows for a comprehensive assessment of the causal relationship between the incident and the claimed injury.


The skilled professionals at Garrett possess the ability to conduct in-depth examinations of specific injuries, employing a reverse engineering approach. They leverage their comprehensive understanding of injury mechanisms to meticulously assess whether the reported events align with the purported injuries in question. This process involves a systematic analysis that scrutinizes the intricate details of the reported incidents and the corresponding injuries, ensuring a thorough and precise evaluation of their relevance and correlation.


Garrett’s team of wrongful death experts is regularly summoned to offer comprehensive assessments, rooted in thorough accident investigations and meticulous reconstructions, aimed at establishing the extent of an incident’s involvement in causing a fatality. These seasoned professionals at Garrett possess expertise in evaluating a wide spectrum of wrongful death claims, encompassing scenarios like automobile accidents, construction site safety, fires, electrical and general contracting mishaps, industrial workplace settings, and various other professions and contexts where fatalities occur. Their multidisciplinary approach ensures a comprehensive and exhaustive analysis of the circumstances surrounding each case, contributing valuable insights into the role, if any, of the incident in the tragic loss of life.