Personal Injury

At Garrett Forensics, our dedicated team of experts conducts thorough investigations when dealing with personal injury cases. Our primary goal is to uncover the essential details surrounding the injury, addressing critical questions about the how, why, when, and where it occurred. Whether the case involves auto accidents, workplace injuries, or any other circumstances leading to personal injury, our experts diligently investigate and meticulously unravel the factors and circumstances at the core of each case.

Biomechanical Analysis

Often personal injury claims arise from such things as vehicle impacts or slips, trips and falls. These injury claims may or may not be attributable to the event itself. In order to determine whether a claimed injury occurred as a result of a specific incident, Garrett’s Biomechanical Experts identify, inspect, and analyze the mechanism(s) required to cause a traumatic injury and determine whether that/those mechanism(s) was/were present at the time of the event.

Construction Sites

Garrett’s team of experts plays a crucial role in addressing issues related to construction site injuries and damages. The dynamic nature of construction sites can result in a wide array of personal injuries and property damage, owing to a multitude of factors such as accidents, structural failures, machinery malfunctions, and environmental conditions.

Our experts engage in comprehensive site inspections, where they meticulously examine the physical environment, safety protocols, equipment usage, and other pertinent details. By delving into the specifics of each incident, they seek to uncover the underlying causes, answering questions about how the accidents occurred, why they happened, when they took place, and precisely where on or near the construction site the incidents transpired.

The goal is to provide a deep understanding of the circumstances surrounding these events. Garrett’s experts are dedicated to ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of construction site incidents, promoting safety, and delivering clarity in complex situations.

Defective Equipment Injuries

Product liability investigations encompass a wide spectrum of products, spanning from items as varied as nail guns and heavy machinery to handrails. Garrett’s team of experts specializes in conducting in-depth investigations, comprehensive testing, and delivering professional assessments across various aspects of these products. This includes scrutinizing the equipment’s quality and design, ensuring compliance with relevant codes and regulations, assessing maintenance practices, and evaluating proper usage guidelines. Additionally, our experts delve into issues related to safety and reliability.

Furthermore, our experts are well-versed in assisting with the determination of potential subrogation matters, providing valuable insights into the complexities of legal and financial responsibility in cases of product liability. Garrett’s commitment to delivering thorough investigations and expert assessments ensures that clients receive a comprehensive understanding of their product-related concerns.

Industrial Accidents

When evaluating why an Industrial Accident occurs, Garrett’s experts can be used to determine what sequence of events led up to the accident. They can also determine whether the equipment’s safety guards were in place, whether safety instructions had been followed and/or whether there was a design defect in the safety systems which may have been responsible for the accident.

Power Tool and Heavy Machinery

Our team of Power Tool and Heavy Machinery Experts is regularly enlisted to assess safety and usage concerns associated with power tools and heavy machinery. Their investigations encompass a comprehensive evaluation of various factors, including equipment design, the content of operation manuals and instructions, the effectiveness of training protocols, and the correct utilization of the power tool or heavy machinery.

Slip, Trip and Fall

The risk of slip, trip, and fall incidents can be influenced by a multitude of factors, and Garrett’s Professional Engineers are well-equipped to address these complex dynamics. Their knowledge and expertise extend to various crucial areas, including:

Fall Biomechanics: These experts have a deep understanding of how the human body responds to falls. They can assess the biomechanics of falls, considering factors like body mechanics, balance, and impact dynamics. This knowledge is instrumental in evaluating the potential outcomes of slip, trip, and fall incidents and aids in determining causation and liability.

Building Code Requirements: Garrett’s engineers are well-versed in the building codes and regulations that pertain to walkway safety. They understand the standards that must be met to ensure the safety of occupants and visitors in various types of structures. By applying this knowledge, they can identify instances where building code violations may have contributed to fall risks.

Lighting Considerations: Proper lighting is a crucial component in preventing slip, trip, and fall incidents. These experts evaluate the adequacy of lighting conditions, identifying areas where poor lighting might have contributed to accidents. They can recommend improvements to enhance safety by ensuring well-lit environments.

Coefficient of Friction: Assessing the coefficient of friction for walkway surfaces is a fundamental aspect of their expertise. They employ various testing methods to measure the slip resistance of different surfaces, including floors, stairs, and walkways. This analysis helps identify hazardous areas where slip and fall risks are elevated.

By combining their knowledge of these factors, Garrett’s Professional Engineers can provide a comprehensive assessment of the circumstances surrounding slip, trip, and fall incidents. Their findings can be instrumental in preventing future accidents, ensuring compliance with safety regulations, and aiding in legal and insurance proceedings when necessary.

Workman’s Compensation

Garrett’s team of experts is regularly called upon to provide thorough assessments in the context of Workers’ Compensation matters. These evaluations serve a critical role in shedding light on the factors related to incidents that have led to claims for injuries and, in more tragic cases, fatalities within the Workers’ Compensation system.

In the complex landscape of Workers’ Compensation, it is often essential to establish the causal relationships between work-related incidents and the injuries or loss of life that follow. Garrett’s experts specialize in scrutinizing the details of such incidents, employing their deep understanding of various elements such as workplace safety protocols, equipment usage, environmental conditions, and more.

Their assessments aim to uncover not only the immediate factors contributing to an incident but also the broader context in which these events occur. This broader perspective is crucial in determining the extent to which work-related factors may have played a role in the injuries or fatalities claimed within the Workers’ Compensation system.

Ultimately, the comprehensive evaluations conducted by Garrett’s experts are vital in helping all stakeholders involved in the Workers’ Compensation process, including employers, employees, insurance providers, and legal entities, to arrive at well-informed decisions and resolutions. These assessments contribute to fairness and clarity within the system, ensuring that claims are adjudicated with a comprehensive understanding of the circumstances surrounding them.