Premise Liability

When an incident arises which raise potential premises liability issues, our Clients call upon Garrett’s Premises Liability Experts to conduct in-depth investigations to determine the how, why, when and where of the matter. From slip, trips & fall, to faulty stairs and and handrails, Garrett’s team of professionals analyze all aspects of the case to identify and resolve the relevant liability and damages issues.

Accident & Injury Investigation

Depending on the nature of the accident and injuries, Garrett can assemble a team of its subject-matter experts to identify and resolve all relevant liability and damages issues. From our Biomechanical Engineers to our Code Compliance and other subject matter experts, Garrett is ready to help its Clients investigate and resolve all aspects of their premises liability cases.

Biomechanical Analysis

Increasingly, Biomechanical Analysis is becoming an essential tool to investigating and resolving whether specific injuries were the result of an event/accident. Garrett’s biomechanical Experts are often engaged to analyze the mechanisms involved in the event/accident to determine what injuries, if any, likely occurred as a result of the event/accident.

Safety and Code Compliance

Garrett’s Safety and Code Compliance Experts research all applicable Rules, Codes, Regulations, Statutes, etc., to determine whether any factors involved in an event/accident give rise to safety and/or code compliance issues affecting liability in the matter.
One area where Garrett’s experts can provide helpful insights involves compliance issues relating to stairs and railings. Garrett’s experts offer a professional, broad-based expertise in Safety and Code Compliance matters. And, as compliance with stairway rise and run regulations and handrail construction laws can be important issues impacting personal injury and premises liability cases. Garrett’s team of experts stand ready to help investigate and analyze such issue for our Clients.

Slip, Trip & Falls

Often, one of the biggest questions in Slip and Fall cases involves the coefficient of friction. In other words, how slippery was the waling surface at the time of the incident? Garrett’s experts use state of the art tools to test wet and dry surfaces to determine the coefficient of friction. This information can help determine if the walking surface meets the applicable standards to prevent slip and fall type incidents. When this information is considered in conjunction with other factors, i.e. such items as code compliance for walkways, stairs, and curbing, a complete picture of the incident starts to come into focus.

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