Product Liability

Product liability is the area of law in which manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers, and others who make products available to the public are held responsible for the injuries those products cause. Product liability investigations can be as broad and diverse as the products themselves, ranging from small hair dryers to heavy machinery. Garrett’s experts investigate, test, and consult about such matters as the products themselves (i.e. such items as materials, construction, assembly, design recalls and/or use limitations), code compliance issues, as well as their safety and reliability considerations. Further, Garrett’s experts can often help with the determination on potential subrogation issues.

Vehicle Component Failure

Garrett’s experts are repeatedly called upon to evaluate claims of auto component failure involving such items as brakes & braking systems, suspensions, tires, accelerators, transmissions, and other system components said to be the possible cause(s) of an accident. A very common question Garrett’s experts are often asked is whether a component broke before the accident and caused or contributed to its occurrence. By examining the component systems of a vehicle, Garrett’s experts can determine if the cause of failure was previously known (such as recalls), long-term wear-and-tear or a single event.


Garrett’s Appliance Experts are typically engaged to determine why an appliance failed. Through a comprehensive and complete investigation, our experts can determine whether the failure was due to such things as: improper design, poor maintenance, inadequate training and/or improper use of the appliance. Garrett’s experts can identify which part failed and why.

Fire Investigation

When fire occurs, investigators initially focus on two key questions. Where did the fire start, and what started the fire? Garrett’s Fire Investigation Experts excel at determining the origins and causes of fires and can often help identify any subrogation potential too.

Machinery Safety & Component Failure

Garrett’s Engineering Experts can often determine potential liability factors arising from machinery safety and/or component failures. By closely examining such items as: equipment design, operation manual instructions, safety features, maintenance and training issues, and the operation of the machinery itself. Garrett’s experts can provide their Clients with the professional analysis needed to make reliable liability determinations.

Workplace Incidents

Through a comprehensive and complete investigation by Garrett’s team of experts, issues giving rise to workplace incidents can frequently be identified and resolved. And, liability issues connected with workplace incidents can be carefully analyzed and typically resolved by Garrett’s experts help too.

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