Forensic Toxicology

Forensic toxicology is a multidisciplinary field that integrates analytical chemistry, pharmacology, and clinical chemistry to support the medical and legal inquiry into cases involving death, poisoning, and drug use. At Garrett, our team of forensic toxicologists meticulously assesses the investigative context, taking into account recorded physical symptoms and all relevant evidence, which could include pill bottles, powders, trace residues, and various chemicals obtained from the scene. Armed with this crucial information, Garrett’s forensic toxicologists are capable of identifying the presence of toxic substances, determining their concentrations, and evaluating the potential impact of these chemicals on an individual.

Garrett’s seasoned experts offer comprehensive and impartial case evaluations encompassing the effects of drugs and toxins on human performance, the toxicity of iatrogenic or therapeutic agents, toxic metals like lead, carbon monoxide, and potential environmental or occupational hazards. These services also encompass assessments related to drug-related impairment, overdose, exposure to toxic chemicals, medical concerns linked to drug therapy, and instances of poisoning. Our experts are adept at investigating the potential roles of drugs, alcohol, or chemical exposures in civil and criminal litigation cases.