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Accident Analysis and Injury Assessment

We Accept Cases Nationwide!

Flat Rate: $545.00

When there’s a MINOR accident, but they’re claiming MAJOR injuries, and the math just doesn’t add up; Send us the case, we’ll take it from there, saving you thousands along the way, The math is simple.

Garrett’s Experts will perform a review of all of the documents and photographs of the case without having to visit the accident scene, inspect vehicles, or speak with those involved.

The purpose of this analysis service is to answer some of the hard questions you have about your case:

“How fast was the vehicle going and what is the probability for injury in this accident?”, “Is my Client telling me the true version of what really happened in this accident?”, “Is the damage to the vehicle or vehicles consistent with the collision as described?”

Send us the case, and we’ll unravel the mystery, saving your company thousands. Simple math, significant savings. We’re your formula for success –quick, reliable, cost-effective: Garrett Forensics.