Property Loss

Garrett Forensics excels in providing a comprehensive suite of services related to property loss assessments. Our highly skilled experts specialize in conducting exhaustive research and on-site investigations to assess the extent of damage or destruction to properties. Whether the issue pertains to slope stability, retaining walls, water intrusion, wind damage, failed water supply lines, tree root damage, foundation cracks, or interior and exterior flooring issues, our experts stand ready to deliver reliable, professional assessments and in-depth analyses. Our goal is not only to identify the causes of property losses but also to offer viable solutions, enabling property owners, insurers, and stakeholders to make informed decisions and effectively address the challenges they face. Garrett Forensics serves as a trusted partner in navigating the complex terrain of property loss assessments and resolution.

Construction Defect

Garrett’s Construction Defect Experts identify analyze, and determine whether construction defect issues may have led to property damage claims. Whether it is damage caused by an improper concrete pour on the slab, failure to install moisture barriers, poor drainage systems, and/or improper wiring, etc., Garrett’s experts can help.

Water Intrusion

When examining water intrusions, our experts focus on pinpointing the origin of the damage by determining if a water intrusion was caused by a possible plumbing failure, improper drainage, an irrigation problem, and/or a weather event.¬†Calling Garrett’s experts immediately after a loss will help insure you can promptly determine the origin of a water intrusion and remedy the problem quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Cracking Stucco and Drywall

If your client is experiencing cracking stucco and/or drywall issues, Garrett’s experts can determine the cause of the problem. By evaluating such items as soil settlement, earthquake movement, improper drainage and/or possible long-term plumbing water leak caused the loss, Garrett’s experts can help determine liability and subrogation issues.


When evaluating property damage, Garrett’s experts are often times asked whether the earth’s movement giving rise to the property damage was the result of a seismic event or was it settlement issues.

Fire Investigations

Garrett’s Fire Investigation Experts frequently investigate and analyze fire incidents involving industrial and commercial buildings, as well as single dwelling or multi-tenant residential structures. Our Fire Investigators are highly qualified and are ready and able to competently conduct the investigation needed to professionally analyze the fire and determine all the related liability and subrogation issues.

Foundation Cracking and Flooring Issues

Garrett’s experts are often asked to investigate and diagnose many foundation type issues and the causes of property damage (such as tenting or cracking of the tile floor and/or movement/cracking of the foundation). Utilizing professional investigative techniques and years of expertise, Our experts can help you understand and address these foundation issues.

Plumbing Issues

Garrett’s Engineers determine if the plumbing issue/water leak were caused by failure resulting from such things as improper installation, lack of proper maintenance and/or wear-and-tear issues.¬† Our experts even look at as such issues as irregular water pressure and whether chemicals may have been stored in close proximity to the pipes/hoses that could have resulted in their failure?

Slope Stability and Retaining Walls

When faced with concerns related to slope stability or the integrity of retaining walls, our experts thoroughly evaluate the geological and engineering aspects to determine the causes and potential risks.

Roofing Failure

Roofing issues may arise due to a host of reasons i.e. poor construction, inadequate maintenance, weather, earth movement, etc.) When a roof fails, Garrett’s experts work to determine if the major contributor was improper construction or attachment of the roof may have been a factor. Another factor considered is whether heavy shingles, which the roof was not designed to support, contributed to the failure. In areas prone to a snow overload, hail and/or wind damage, our experts examine how these weather events contributed to the failures.

Tree and Root Damage

Garrett’s Arborists are often engaged to assist on a wide-range of foliage issues, including but not limited to tree root damage, broken tree limbs, and identification of disease to plants and trees.
Tree and Root damages can cause safety issues requiring a prompt and thorough assessment of the situation and appropriate action. Garrett’s Arborists can help determine such questions as whether damages to property were caused by tree roots, knowing what kind of tree is involved and how the tree root system expands, can help determine potential liability questions. This in turn can help identify whether the roots from a particular tree damaged the concrete slab of the foundation, garage floor or even uplifted a sidewalk.

Wind and Weather Damage

When determining potential liability issues arising from damages caused by wind or weather, our experts evaluate whether a damaged structure meets building code requirements for resistance to high winds and/or whether the damages may be due to improper construction.

Safety and Code Compliance

Safety and Code Compliance Experts are often asked to assist in researching, interpreting, and determining code compliance and safety issues. Among the various areas where their services may be helpful, inspections of construction sites where understanding what procedures should have been followed to prevent accidents is a frequently requested area of expertise.

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